Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 2 (groundhog day). :D

ug... super busy day.
It starts with the radio saying it's a snow day.
This made the kids smile beyond measure... as they slipped back to sleep.
Meanwhile... dad has to get up and go.

Vast snowy issues and idiot drivers. sigh.
If you live here... where it snows .... every single winter...
You really need to learn to freak'en drive.

Downtown clients...
Had a con-call with a brand new (potential) client... Chicago area.
May end up there for a bit in a month.
Zoom all day... except for a few brief moments of happiness at the gym.
Good gym time btw.

Dropp'en suz's car off at the Mechs and picked up a loaner after work.
And made really outstandingly good spaghetti for dinner. :)

It's funny how we ALL see it as absolutely reprehensible for an individual to value anything tangible over a human life.
But yet we somehow ave the balls to get behind our governments when they do it on a massive scale.

Nothing... not! one! thing! makes me as happy, as pleased with my place in the universe,
Than knowing I'm succeeding at being a good friend.
and yes, I know.
Sounds totally sappy to say it out loud.
But you gotta build up to this...
... how do you feel when you are taken for granted?
or maybe you just get dissed when you think you're being kind...
how do you feel ... when you take stock and, quietly feel like you've lost track of your friends.
Well this isn't like any of that. :)
When I take stock and find a shining examples of friendship...
When kindness is rewarded with a genuine appreciation...
... you feel like this.
And I don't take this lightly.
I guess its easy for other people...
But life is long and complicated ...
and keeps throwing things at you that make it hard to hold onto friends...
let alone make new ones.
I am so conscious of this...
Again... maybe it's just me.
I have had an odd life with moves at key ages as a kid...
No friends that I "grew up with"...
And highschool friends that I know are out there... alas...
College was all student politics... and friends made then were often very superficial.
University... I met... I think... two people in University. TWO.
My buddy Jay and my wife (actually, I met her at my summer job, but we hung out in Uni)
yeah... I value friendships,
and I feel pretty darn good about having the chance to be a good friend. :)

smile... somebody loves you.

:) K, see ya.
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