Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 1

Things that I know to be true:

~ good things come to those who wait
~ karma is an amazing force in the universe
~ living well is it's own reward

... and I'm not just spitting out platitudes.

All three of those sentiments proved themselves to me today.
Needless to say... today was a very good day.

So I feel this vibe that makes me want to type And all is right in the world.

Cool work stuff today...
The San Jose gig has been quiet, and just when I started thinking... worrying, that something was wrong...
I find out that there's more talk about vast extensions and tonnes more work with that client.
(I will skate Lake Cunningham eventually!)
And I found out that I'll be making some regular trips to DC & VA again soon.
Work is ... never boring. :)

I've gone downhill on the thumb zone.
Back to bandaids. :(
I blame the exp I'm having with the current downtown client.

If "feeling good" is an art.
Then we could call some people artists.
And then, of course, there are the art critics.
Pay no attention to them... and paint.

~ time to go. :)
Dear Tuesday:
Thank you.
Dear Universe:
I will, yet again, return the favor.


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