Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 31

Ok... well as far as mondays go, today was pretty average.
And by average I mean ... it was it was evil like all mondays.
Structured meetings from 8:30 to noon....
then zoom back to my clients downtown office and spend the rest of the day chasing the wind.
I managed to get to the gym... but not till four.

Sometimes I feel as though I resent work for not being a total slug fest.
It always seems like... seems like they expect me to be, you know, all busy and stuff.

Oh and today was bad ass cold.
Like "oh and with the wind, that's more like minus 36."
When it's this cold... everything squeaks.

Tomorrow is tuesday and that's my "my office" day.
So tomorrow is going to be better right out of the box. :D

I want to download "Shameless"... but I have to wait till tomorrow.
See... we hit our 95 GIG limit this month.
wtf? holy "don't watch video over the net" Download baby... download.

Yesterday, was a great day...
It ended super late,
but I liked everything about the day,
and the night that capp'ed it all off. :D

K... see ya. :D
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