Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 30

~ today was a "give" day...

Geo and I got up at stupid-o'clock and slipped into the cold morning drive that took us to a place called the britania yatch club.
Family has a long history of hanging out there... family - but not moi. I'm not partial.
It was c-c-cold in the early morning at the waters-edge.

Never-the-less... several times each winter Geo and I head down and spend Sunday morning working the "Breakfast Club".
It's a fund-raising thing of some sort. The time goes towards Geo's required volunteer hours (school thing) and I enjoy the time. :)
I slog it out at the stove with my brother and Geo works the "toast" station and server-duties... bringing meals to tables, etc.
We served 80 breakfasts... :)


My bro and another helper...

We were home by the lunch hour, and after congratulating Ed on his new belt...
(Grasshopper and Suz went to his "belt test" this morning...)
I turned around to head over to my mom's house and help her get un-invested with POP3 mail... and get invested with g-mail.
Lots of exporting, importing, showing how and trying'out. :)
er... then I went to starbucks and "gave" myself a much deserved treat (coffee, d'uh).

Then... home to get sorted on wandering the streets of our 'hood collecting for the March of Dimes (folks who provide mobility devices - i.e. wheelchairs, to peeps that can't otherwise get their own gear).

And home from that to make a fantastic salmon dinner. :D :D
(brownies for dessert).

Today was a give day... and, er... it's not over yet. ;)

k... see ya. :D

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