Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 24

Well the last three days have been ... interesting, to say the least.
We went out to a friends house on Saturday night... for pizza and video games.
The video games part ... was really a ton of fun.
"Just Dance 2" and "Rock Band".
Good fun for a while but we demured when the the gang went out for what turned into an epic drunk...
We went home instead... and relaxed. :)

Sunday was not a good day.

Some times, are times that stand apart from other times.
Times that test you...
Sunday was all made of those times.

Today was the beginning of a mad mad week...
Three major deliverables for the new downtown clients due this week.
I missed the 9 AM project team meeting first thing today.
Because I was distracted by the need to change my farking tire at the side of a country highway on my way to work.
... followed by a trip to the mechanics to get new tires... :(

Oh... did I mention that it was -37 freaking degrees outside. I could spit up, and ice would hit the ground. No shit. Really.
So yeah... changing a tire in work clothes sucked big bad balls.

I did make it to the gym for a lower body workout.
Digging the 4 minute plank at the beginning.
I listen to Florence ATM do Dog Days Are Over (4 min song) with my eyes closed ....
I'm less and less shaky by the 4 min mark. When I'm totally not shaky... I'll go for 5 mins.

Today was haircut day...
This means that Chandra... (a lovely 25 year old hair stylist who works at this shi-shi-po-po salon) comes to visit.
She keeps her hours at the salon down so she can work her "other client list"... Home visits.
She cuts Ed, Geo, me and then Suzy. Full hair service... great price and very convenient. :D

Coldest Jan 24 since they started keeping records.
Beating old "low" set in the 1970's.
Just ... kick ass cold!!!

I have a way with people...
... apparently.

See ya. :)

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