Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 21

And the Rideau Canal skateway is open... :)
(seriously great view from this office)

Today capped off a great week.
Long and arduous in the extreme to be sure,
But I got a lot of good stuff done.
Gym again today... felt great.
Made an awesome dinner (chicken kievs... rice and carrots... garlic butter oooozing ... soooo good). :D

and the evening has been all about watching tv, baking a dessert (rasien delight without the raisens... caramel sauce and a classic "pudding" aka: cake... really sweet... :D)
but really... just being a slug.
Sadly... next week is going to be busier than this week.
Have to get a two day workshop prepped for delivery in the second week of Feb...
(to be done next week)
Back to old clients for more supreme-leader presentations...
And more work for the San Jose clients...
Ah well... this is the storm that pays for the lull. :)

There are facets of beauty
That reflect the brilliance of features you were born with,
And others that only shine as the reward for a truly polished effort.
Both are quickly appreciated,
But only one is worthy of praise.

It's going down to minus 25 ... before any of that "wind chill" crap...
"It's minus 25 but it feels like minus 35..."
(oh shut up and just say it's minus 35!!)
But seriously... the next two days are bad ass cold.
Isn't January fun. :)

K later.
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