Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 20

The new "congress center" in downtown Ottawa looks like a giant unfinished golf ball with a mirrored surface.
Cool... but weird.

I had another great day.
No gym at lunch, but lunch in china town...
Which left me in a chinese food coma all freaking afternoon.
Hit the gym on the way home from work... then collected ed from karate.
I nailed the four minute plank today.
It felt kinda awesome.

Work is kinda strange...
... it's like everybody is in a slow motion panic attack.
(big big deadline stuff... )

Oh and I got another survey today (starbucks)

Ever watch "hot in cleveland"?
LOL! :)

anticipating great fun in the life and times of a close friend.
it's rewarding to see such things. :)

peace (said in a deep street kinda voice).
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