Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 19

See, I'm doing something right... :)
Today was another really good day.
Again with the downtown clients... so long commutes, but listening to podcasts ("Spark - CBC" is the current...) are passing the time.
Great gym... the podium palace just has freak'en miles of space... No issues with gear or space.
Started with a two minute plank and ended with a three minute plank. Freaking awesome.

Oh... did I mention the wax job?
While I wish that was some depraved pornish comment...
Alas (ear wax)... only my back.
la la la...

Had a homeowners association meeting.
Nice people... makes it nice to play with them.

I have so much going on with multiple clients at work,
I should be all stressed out.
But I'm really not.

900 billion dollars of credit gets you a really nice dinner in DC.

Exactly why do people think Mexico is a "tourist destination"?

Smile... somebody loves you.

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