Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 18

Yeah, so today was a pretty good day. :D
Worked at my office... so the 10 minute commute was a nice start.
I got some paperwork done and then spent the rest of the day working for the San Jose clients.

Meanwhile it was snowing, freezing raining, and generally trying really hard to suck on the roads.
but eh... snowy roads in canada? gosh...

After work, things got busy with getting dinner started, taking grasshopper to Karate, and getting a nice dinner on the table.
The dishwasher is super dead. Have to wait for service. :(
So we team up to zoom through dishes and get the kitchen ready for two teenage boys (well, Ed will be 13 in a week!!!) to graze all evening...
Teenage boys are basically cows.
Stand around all day... eating. Well ... "stand" is kind of a stretch.


See, you have to recognize what you can have,
Decide on what you want,
And then set about going for it.
You can add a thought about deciding to go for what you can't have,
But that takes the epilogue from peaceful empowerment,
To excited challenge.

Life Secret: If you're going to achieve any of the excited challenges, you have to load up on the peaceful empowerment.

Dear life:
Thank you...
I enjoyed this day.
I'll pay it forward.

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