Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 16

Triple-shot-breve-latte... in a tall cup, tyvm! :)

Today was "survey coupon coffee day" :)
This included dropping Geo off with friends to "study" at one starbucks...
Driving Ed to Karate...
Getting groceries...
Going to another starbucks for coupon day,
and Future Shop to buy a netgear 3700 range max dual-band gigabyte router.
... hell ya!
I needed to replace my very dated smc wireless router.

Sadly, I'm still trying to get my desktop computer to work again.
It has to do with the breakdown that lead to replacing Suz's computer with a laptop...
I'll get there... eventually. :)

Oh... and today was bazingly cold!!! :)

Everyone has a creative aspect to their existence.
If you don't think that applies to you... you need to look harder.
Consider the reader... all those books... you create movies in your head as you read them.
(to say nothing of the weekend painter, etc.)
When this creative aspect is a part of your working life,
Then your creative spirit has a boss.
Clients, employers, sponsors... they're all bosses.
That relationship... necessarily inhibits your creativity.
It can't help it... that's just the way it is.
Hence the very dramatic need for there to be a creative part of your life,
that exists without a boss.
Only in this way can your true creative self find it's voice.
Especially if you need that voice to do well at your career.

My tank is full.
... and I know why and how.
I am always aware of my very good fortune.
Family, friends, and love.
Well really... you can assume the first two and focus...
on the love bit.

just a few short hours away from starting what will most definitely be,
another really killa week.
January is one for the books this year. :(
Ah well... There's always February.

see ya.

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