Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 14


er... so yeah. :)

Freak'en long bitch ass day. Ok... the whole freaking week.
But today was tough.
Ed had the day off (PD Day) so I only had Geo to sort for school...
Then off I went...
Step one: my office, working on some security documents... (kind of a command performance thing)
Step two: old clients office at 10 with my boss in tow... presenting to a supreme leader. (this went really well...)
Step three: gym with gym buddies... really great to see them. :D :D
Step four: back to my office... more command stuff...
Step five: down to new downtown clients after the lunch hour... super pressure to review a report that was heading out at 4:30 on a friday... sigh.

The concept of "proportional response"
Is at the heart of great diplomacy.
Be it between nations...
Or between people.

A friend pointed me to a tv-computer-dl hybrid thing... a competitor to the product.
It's called the[ :: Boxee Box :: ] (from DLink)
anybody play with that?

I'm so used up from this week.
... I got super down when I should have been up.
but some times ... it feels like the tank is empty
It's not the last thing...
The last thing just happens at the end of the tank.
Then everything just gets heavy.
It only takes the smallest of things to fill that tank again.
Then it shows up...
the tank fills
... and I get to see the weekend ahead without looking through a fog.
Thank goodness for those small things.

k... gotta go.
~ watching dl'd epi of (gah!) Real House Hoes of Beverly Hills.
holy freak show man...
suz is digging it
just... gah. lol
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