Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 13

Really good day today!
Kinda slept in a bit... see, there are certain days that, after the kids head off to their buses...
We can go back to bed and have a very nice little snooze before I have to zoom through the shower, dress, drive and work thing.
Other days, there be none of that... those days are getting mostly ready to go before the kids are even awake...
Then I'm on the road as they leave for the bus.
So... anyways.... today was a snooze day and it got out of hand.
I got to work a bit late.
so I just worked extra hard...
No really though... good day with the new project,
and I got a call mid day asking me to go back and talk to a supreme leader at the old client (the folks I was presenting to on Monday)
hmmm a tie on a Friday... actually... command decision... I'm not wearing a tie tomorrow.
I'll wear a nice shirt and a sweater but it's fricking friday for goodness sake... :D
I'm looking forward to the meeting. I'm bringing one of my bosses.

really getting good use out of tethering my iphone to my netbook
to get ... "an outside line" at the new clients. :)

Totally outstanding gym day.
Its kinda cool, that after all this time,
I'm still motivated enough to really put it out there at the gym
Today was one such serious ass-kicking.

At christmas...
on the christmas dinner table (dinner for 20)...
we put little piles of random Trivial Pursuit cards on the tables.
best idea ever.

~ :)
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