Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 11

The view out the boardroom window at my "downtown client"'s office.
See... the red lines are the actual other-building across the street.
It's all mirror between the red bits.
The building you think you're looking at is a reflection of building I'm in.

Today was made of the collected colours of awesome.
Painting a picture:
The guy who puts out the contract and his boss are standing over me and the guy assigned to work with me...
We're all in a modestly small office that has so much desk, there is long term storage going on.
One of the four monitors arranged on his desk is showing the big boss and the contract boss the results of our implementation in dev.
And these guys are pretty much high five'en each other and full of smile.
That was in the last 10 minutes of a several-month-long contract.
I am well pleased. :)

I got good gym in today...
Upper body, downtown gym... so, and I know this is silly
but there's nobody to say hi to who knows me and wants to say hi... ya know?
eh... great work out but I like going to my gym. :D

Oh... and see, I have this default line I use at Starbucks when they ask me if I want my balance or my receipt... (I use a bucks card... always)
I say "nah... well, only if there's a survey".
Ok sure, I sound like a dick here... but it comes across all kind and smiley.
And today at a random 'bucks downtown, barista girl was all, like... 'Oh, I have two right here.... "
Dude... I order a triple shot breve latte when I use a survey coupon and that's a stupid-expensive coffee... for free.... times two.
~ yes, I am amused at small things. :D

and I'm sending a small bit of wish into the wind for a little guy named Ethan to feel lots better really soon!!
Ethan will never see this or know that... but that's ok. It's out there... so maybe it'll help. :)

Suz's new laptop arrived.
It's a very minor entry in the new lineups... it's a 15.6" HP G65...
Not one thing about it is awesome... except that it's a more powerful computer than the one on her desk... LOL.
So we have happiness in z's computer land. :)

I've been having fun with this chat program on my phone.
It integrates the chat things from G-talk, MSN, Facebook, etc.
I'm very noobish about chat things.... like I'm interrupting people or (worse) making them wait...
but I'm learning. :D

Yeah... today was a really good day.
I'm still really jonesing for the weekend so I can sleep in a bit...
But today was worth getting up for. :)

~ K... see ya.

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