Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 6


Well today was ... kinda awesome. :)
Up... kid stuff... eat... make lunch... then back for a half hour nap before the shower, shave, dress thing.
(~ loves the "climb back in bed" naps best

Then it was my office... 8 minute commute... the dentist...
and then abandon all plans for lunch-time-gym because
it was way more rewarding to help out a friend instead.

Lots more work... stayed a bit late at work... (getting ready for a big show I'm supposed to give this Monday)
And then go to the gym after work... collect Ed from karate and home with schwarma. :D

Now it's now and ... oh look... Cougar Town, Modern Family, and V all automagically appeared in Media Center
So we'll be watching TV tonight. :D

Happy early birthday wish to the_bean.
I hope you have a great birthday sugar and that the year ahead brings you all kinds of reasons to smile. :D

The Rogers Bill Killing project has moved foreward.
It starts with a phone call.
You call Rogers and navigate to "cancel services" and "cancel television services"...
And somebody answers - live, in person, and NOT in India - pretty quick! :D
Tell that person that you are at your wits end and need to reduce your Rogers bill.
(in my example, we get internet, cablevision and "home phone" all over the one rogers coax cable...)
The first thing she does is offer a 20 - 30% price cut in all services coming in over that coax for 12 months.
I mean... just call 'em up, select to cancel... you don't cancel anything unless you actually tell a live person to specifically cancel blah blah blah...
So nothing happens when you "navigate" the phone selections through 'cancel television services'.... except you activate the "Offer them a deal robot" at the call center!!! :D :D

I didn't take the deal.
I canceled our TV service.
Then I had 'em transfer me to 'wireless'... the folks that handle any Rogers service NOT coming in over the coax.
I told her I was about to get a fourth phone and cancel my home phone... and that I'd just canceled my TV service.
Then I kinda bluntly said "If you want my business, offer me a deal, because I need to keep my costs down."
She offered to give me a new phone for free (our fourth on the family plan)... to switch my 2 year old plan to a new and better version of the plan... (that costs about 8$ per phone per month less) and then offered to reduce the monthly charge for each of our existing phones by 10$ (each) which saves us enough to cover the monthly cost of getting the fourth phone.
... blink.
No really.

la la la...

Freedom and power are both dangerously intoxicating.
They should be treated with enough care to avoid that ...
alrighti... :D

See you soon. :)

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