Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 5


Ottawa city hall... the lawn of which is home to many a'fine concert in the summer momths.

So today was long... long like yesterday and long like all freak'en get out.
Up before everyone, get showered and half ready.
Wake the family, start making breakfasts...
Make my lunch,
Get the other half of me ready...
And downtown by 8.
Then it's go-time, electric levels of "on" and getting a new contract under way.

Went to the Rideau Center goodlife gym...
Awesome... tons of space, vast lines of cardio gear, HUGE weight area.
And then the amazing FAIL.
The showers are those podium circle-jerk six-shower-head thing.
Just ... gah.

Tomorrow is NOT downtown. :D

Top Five iPhone4 Apps
~ as far as I'm concerned. :)
1. Shazam. Hands down winner because it brings me so much happiness. :D
2. Facebook App. It the only way I see FB. It's better than FB on a PC. Seriously.
3. Hipstamatic dude!! the pictures are a blast.
4. P-Tracker Lite. (I'm not saying a word... but #4... no question)
5. Trip-It. Phenomenal tool if you have to travel for work.

yeah, so last night... suz is trying to order some lego off the lego canada site...
and she starts complaining that her computer is being wonky.
le sigh...
Forty minutes later... her dead motherboard is ... ready for burial.
She and I have duplicate computers ('cept mine has less ram and more HD)
So I swapped the ram and disks and got her up and running...
And now I have to figure out what the hell!!!!
Instead of putting more money into the old computer,
We bought her a laptop.
I'll swap parts back after the laptop arrives. :D

Salmon is on the top five list of perfect foods.
Stupid levels of good-for-you...
Ridiculously easy to cook...
Goes with... everything.
Thaw out a fresh frozen fillet or steak...
Into a 350 oven with a slice of lemon on it...
Depending on the thick... 15 to 25 mins later it's awesome.

See ya. :D :D

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