Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 3

Very lazy day.
Although we did go to the gym late in the afternoon.
I vastly prefer late morning... but when it Rome. :D

Set up utorrent to do the automagical stuff for all the shows we watch...
Cleaned up the new wires behind the wall-mounted tv...

~ There's two holes in the wall... both with little low-volt plastic casings, and white covers.
One is behind the tv... one is behind the little table (beside the cable outlet and the power-point).
note: the cable line is now the feed from the antenna... not rogers.
So everything goes in up/down and out to make for no-visible-wires.

Am very happy with set-up...
Tomorrow is the talk with Rogers. (today was too lazy to bother with that sorta thing. :D)

Made great chicken tonight!!
~ par boil... half cook, some chopped up carrots.
~ dice a tomato,
Two chicken breasts... cut up into 1 inch cubes, chunks, whatever.
Table spoon of oil into a heating-up fry pan...
1/4 cup of flour... just tossed over the chicken... mix it all up and sort the now-well-floured-pieces out.
Into the pan...
Sizzle and stirr.. get 'em all half cooked.
Then... all quickly-like,
toss a tablespoon of brown sugar on the chicken,
squirt some ketchup (maybe a tablespoon +)
tablelspoon of light soya,
some hoisen sauce (sp?)... teaspoon
and crush up a clove of garlic...
Mix mix mix and stir.
Let it cook... flip 'em around after a bit...
When they're looking all stickey and cooked...
toss in the carrots and the diced tomatoe.
Stir stir stir...
Awesome sauce... great flavour.
Fed four mouths with a bunch of other veggies and taters. :D

Packed up my back-pack...
... checked all my email accounts at work and client-land...
Ready for tomorrow. :)


k... gotta go.

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