Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 2, 2011. :D

Big sneer'y face...
~ snow is gone! grrrrr...
~ haven't been to gym... grrrr...
~ I've been cold all day! (again... grrrr! :D)

On the lighter side... the RTRB* project is going great.
See this?

... no... not the house.
The little white blob beside Ed's window.

~ K... yes it helps reception in general.
But specifically - if it's pointed in the right direction - it adds City TV (HD) to the mix.
For that I mounted it on the roof and ran coax all the way to the electric closet in the basement.
If I unplug the whole thing... I still get CBC, CTV and SunTV in HD.
Ridiculously... I still don't get Global. (bummer)
It will get better... over-air-hd channels will keep coming.

However... the channel stuff is really back-seat stuff.
The foreground is all about using the PC we grandfathered at christmas.
I loaded another Win7 license key and got another little wireless keyboard and mouse...
And freak'en presto!!
We're learning as we go... (for example: how to use RSS to automagically dl new episodes of tv show torrents).
But for now, I'm all up on using Hot Spot Shield to mask my IP and allow me to view content that's normally blocked in Canada.
so the Media Center "Internet TV" channels all work fine. :D
(google "anchorfree" if you're interested and if you know about this stuff and know a better solution to that... let me know)
Oh... and it all syncs up with the media library on the theater room computer.
Total win... :D :D

I'm taking the PVR back to Rogers tomorrow.
Phase Two of the RTRB project is negotiating the removal of our home phone and adding a new cell.

*RTRB : Reduce the Rogers bill.

One more day before I have to turn it all on again.
I've been pretending it all doesn't exist for the last week.
It's been great.
So freak'en great... lol.
S'ok though.
I'm starting to get the vibe back...
And sweet mercy, I'm going to be busy in January.

If you haven't lived at the extremes
You can't comprehend the experience
Of finding your way back to the center.
Such is the measure of relentless pain
And unparalleled happiness.
So much art... owes it's power to this journey.

We totally packed it all away in one night.
Last night.
sigh. :)

K... see ya. :D

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