Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 29

The great "reduce the rogers bill" project has begun.

I bought coax and little bits and pieces today.
Tomorrow morning I'm planning to get on the roof and install the antenna.

We're talking about the cost / benefit considerations between pay-as-you-go cell phones and phones-on-a-plan.
No matter how you slice it... you totally feel like Rogers should be buying me chocolates, and nice clothes or something...
Because you should do things like that when you ass rape people you're supposed to like... like customers.
We'll be dropping our land-line when we settle on a plan for Edward.

My plan is to abuse the absolute crap out of the Rogers Customer Retention office... when I cancel TV and Home Phone...
I'll be threatening to swap out intenet services and get koodoo phones!!! :D

la la la...

Suz puts in two shifts each week taking care of little kids
At the goodlife "jump room"...
And we get Suz, Geo and my gym memberships in exchange.
this is a good. :D

When you imagine someone falling for you...
Are you imagining them falling for you?
Or for the person you wish you were?
And... it's a special kind of denial
To think this doesn't apply to you.

I want...

Ok... time to go. :)
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