Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 23

Today was exceptional. :)
And by "exceptional" I mean totally 'ceptional.
I popped into the office to get my laptop ... to deal with a san jose issue...
and then it was off to Hockey Sushi to meet la gang...
Gave away more kifli... (I've made at least 20 dozen kifli this season).
Sweet mercy I am stunned at how delicious sushi can be.
... let alone at how long sushi-burps last... :)

Gave my sweet friend, jessy, a christmas prezzi - a book for her and her kids.
The book is called "Santa Calls" and it is, bare none, the best Chiristmas story to read with the kids ever... EVER! :)
Suzy used her vastly superior penmanship to write the inscription.
Hard cover books... given as gifts... should always have an inscription. :D

Grabbed another triple-shot-breve-latte-in-a-tall-cup via yet another free drink survey code.
And snagged the last christmas gift of the season off out list.

My poor suzy is really struggling to get over her cold. :(
But I'm taking good care of her and getting the house ready...

We've been all about relaxing tonight. :D

I really feel bad for all the crap going down on the east coast.
Peeps got it so bad... :(

Expectation is a recipe,
with something left out.
There's always something left out.
That's why it's so important to simply
Take life at face value,
Do your best for the people that you love
And be happy you've had the chance.

This is the true path to personal happiness.
Believe me on this.

K... see ya soon . :D

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