Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 20

Just put kifli dough batch number 4 in the fridge.
la la la...

So today was kinda hellish.
Goes with the territory, but gah! never-the-less!

See I started a new contract today.
This means that I show up at an office full of people I've never met...
Sit with a small team of other consultants... again, all new to each other.
(yeah, yeah... there's the odd "oh hey, hi so-and-so" but in general... all new peeps)
Then spend exactly every second of the day "on".
"On"... as in, fully engaged, dealing with the nuances of forming new social / workplace connections.
Oh, and all the while the clients are avalanching data into our brains about the state of a vast project that's apparently in need of our services.
Long day.
Um... it's five days before christmas...
dooode! :(
ah well... goes with the territory. :)

Hey, HI THERE little sugar, all bundled up in your dark maroon JOGGING OUTFIT
Good for you, going for a run at 5:45 in the dark... during the busy drive time.
I really like that little flashy red light you wear around your neck, strapped around your back....
Yeah... IT'S FREAKING MINIATURE and I would have to actually be busy RUNNING YOU DOWN before I'd see it.

Am watching Miracle on 34th (original) with Suz and Ed.

There isn't enough love out there to fill my heart.
But don't worry... that wont stop me from trying.

K... pssst! remember to check out the lunar eclipse. Starts at 1:30... goes for 70 minutes.
So it's cool as cucumbers at about 2:00.

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