Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 17

Hola. :)

Spent my morning visiting my old clients and giving a few friends little tins of kifli and christmas cards. :)
Ended up cornered by my old boss's boss's' boss admin telling me the big boss wants my contact info .... (more work!).
Even booked a presentation with the "boss's boss" (kinda cool how i get work every time I walk into that place).
It was nice to visit... It was great to see those guys. :D

Went to the gym (again with the lonely boy gym zone)... and had a great work out...
Then? Then I went to starbucks and gave them a big box of kifli and a card.
Seriously? They've treated me so well over the last year, how could I not bring them kifli. :D

If you feel it and you don't say it...
What's the point in being a human being?
We have the gift of language.
It should not be squandered!

In about three hours... I head to the hospital.
I'm getting hooked up to all manner of gizmo and having a c-pap attached to my face... for another sleep test. :(
Very big waste of a Friday night.

sometimes it is almost more than I can handle.
but only sometimes... and only almost.
so I guess that means I can deal.
doesn't mean I like it... but it does mean I can deal.

K... see ya.
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