Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 16

Nice day today... super busy with work, great gym, and ... bake'o'matic this evening. :)
I made over 7 dozen kifli tonight.
I'll be giving most of them away tomorrow. :D

I had this interview today with a new client.
They were interviewing all kinds of people for this big project...
Boss tells me they had her on the phone while I was still getting my car out of the parking lot.
I now have three clients.
(This is good...)
I'm so bill'able it's ridiculous.

Was looking at some stuff from the "box of things from our wedding" with suz.
We were married in 1991. :)
The guest book from the reception... includes (and I've likely got the names wrong, the spelling was messy):
"Pat McMillan and Gena Toran : from the party next door".

My favorite words...
thank you.
~ well, ... right after...
skin tight.
But ... whatever. :D

K... gotta go. :)
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