Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 15

Lot'sa people keep a box of latex gloves on hand...
I mean... don't they?

So today was a bit of a fail.
Had a nice start to the day, driving a forgotten paper to geo's high school...
Then had one of those walk-into-work-and-be-instantly-busy days...
New project with the San Jose clients (which is super cool... - good clients, good work, and it's in california)
Excellent gym... stayed focused on legs and abs...
But then... I zoomed downtown to the "downtown clients" for an all-afternoon meeting... that they wanted.
My client sponsor showed up... but the other guys ... total fail.

So now we reschedule. grrrrrr... (it's too close to christmas to be doing any of that "rescheduling" stuff...)

Oh... and there was more baking of kifli tonight and made dough batch number 2. :)

I've been having this rotational pain on my right knee.
Like, only when I move a very specific way, but - I need to move that way - so I'm redoubling my efforts to build strength around that knee.
I am guessing (of course) but see... a while ago I went to see Tracy (TTA) about all the muscles in the right leg group.
I stretch ... every day... but no matter how consistent my work had been, I was always wwwwway more flexi-corto on the left leg-hip-to-thigh.
So she did some great work on my right leg.
And I've followed through on all the new stuff she wanted me to do and presto... for the first time in ... forever, I can pin my head down on my lifted-to-counter-hight right leg.
So my daily routines involve full on stretches with the right leg and I'm thinking the pain in my knee is from pushing that button so hard.
This ouch kinda syncs up with this new capability on the stretch.

Ok this is going to sound goofy,
but work with me. :D
My undies of choice are so-called "fitted boxers".
new ones I got from Cost-co (gotta love the six pack) are, bar none, hands down, the softest most comfortable ginch I've ever worn in my entire life.
(brand is "champion").
So, bottom line... they are my favorite undies. K?
Next... shampoo. I use cheep ass shampoo... but I have a totally-favorite kind and a less-favored kind.
Alright... so heres the thing:
I get up and shower... wash hair some mornings but not all... and when I do, it's with the "less-favored" kind.
Then, when I get dressed, I put on my standard FTLs...
I pack a pair of the champ's in my gym bag...
And my super-fav shampoo... is ONLY in my gym bag.
Both of these elements are part of my not-so-subtle-motivation-plan.

K.... see ya. :D

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