Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 14

Hi. :)

Make'en kifli tonight.
first batch oh'the season. :D

Big snow day.
Well, not a "snow day"... although we did keep sore throat george home from school.
But driving was full of LOL as people adjust to storm driving.

Great gym time... but all alone (and the place was quiet as a mouse too... like six peeps in the pump class and only a handful of other folks in the gym.
Felt all good about showing random woman some hand weight stuff... (things a trainer has explained to me, btw)...
Note to self: My strength is directly tied to my diet. Eat a big protein rich breakfast on upper body day....

It's kinda neat working on a client project that's "live" in California.
The first half of my day is dedicated to other client work, and the second half can be cali... and I appear the early eager beaver to both camps. :D

The rest of this week is nothing but busy. :( Lots and lots to do... but a week from tomorrow I'm off ... for ages. :D
~ sooooo looking forward to that. :)

I went and found the current wikileaks site.
First time evah. :)
first thing I did?
Watch the video they decoded and released of an attack chopper super cam,
With all the radio chatter.
It was an incident back in '08 (I think).
The video contradicts the responses made by the US to the world,
Over a surgical strike that takes out a bunch of civs and a reuters reporter and a famous camera man.
It goes on to show how they "take out" a mini van that stopped to help the camera man... crawling towards his death.
Two little kids in the van.
All shot to hell.
The US stated on the record that they were responding to a fire fight...

I'm easy to figure out.
Life just moves along quicker that way.

The music of you,
Is at the top of my playlist.

See ya soon.

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