Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 13

Expensive day...
... drove to the gym for the 11 AM ass kick'en,
and spent the whole drive lamenting the giant ice ball that must be lodged in my wheel well.
Sadly, there was no ice ball.
Just a very very flat, destroyed winter tire. :(

Did the gym...
Called CAA, sat in Starbucks while a guy dressed for the cold wwwway better than me, changed my tire.
Then I drove (on the evil little temp tire) to my mechanics where I sat for the rest of the afternoon... :(
Waiting for dude to locate two specific tires for my poor little car.

Not liking the way money jumps out of my wallet... this close to christmas.

I am jacks raging hormones.
la la la...

Ah Christmas... a lovely pagan ritual that actually makes my selectively-lactose-intolerant friends jealous.
But then they feel guilty about it and stop. :D

Dear Universe:
No matter what you throw at me,
I am officially in christmas mode.
You don't scare me any more.
While this means many different things to many different folks,
For me it's super easy...
A few short weeks each year,
people get a little nicer...
get a little more generous,
find new sources of patience,
decide hugging is natural,
and smile without a really good reason.
It's like they morph into what I have to call...
My people.
... and I enjoy being among people I understand.

K... time to go. :)

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