Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 12

Now that was a nice dinner. :)
Didn't really matter what there was to eat... 'cuz it was all about the company you keep.
Jack Astors.
The gang got together to celeb a couple of birthdays... dinner and pool or mad-black-light-blowling after.
Suz and I stayed for dinner.
Man I love seeing those people. :)
I think it has more to do with just feeling comfortable in my own skin when I'm with them than anything else.
~ good people... so worth holding onto.

Honestly, I was feeling dirt-bag all day... not dead, but not wanting to push it. So dinner only and home to take it easy. :)
And I know I'm on the other side of this flu or infection or whatever.
Today I'm feeling pretty good and I just need like three of these days in a row to know for sure. :)

We did most of our christmas tree today....
It's "open all the red-green-boxes" time. :)

Got Ed his "early christmas pressi"... and he had to share the costs
He came to us just begging to be allowed to spend his own money on...
"Video co-pilot 100 US$ plug in for Adobe Afteraffects (lens flairs).
Ed is almost 13...
Ed is an adobe after affects expert. :D

It's Kifli time...

(made the dough today - dough number 1, and I anticipate at least 3 this year...)

The difference between a woman who dresses for other women
versus a woman who dresses for men...
Runs way deeper than the way that shirt fits.
One is trying to have fun
And the other is after something else, altogether.

(and, if I did that correctly... a great deal about you, is revealed by how you interpret that little bit of prose.)

Freezing rain started last night.
turned to mostly rain this aft...
It's late now and it's above zero.
If the temp drops... it'll be a snow day tomorrow for the boys.
I doubt it though.

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