Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, December 9

K... so yesterday was a total write off.
I woke up at stupid-oclock, burning up with fever again. :(
We got the kids off to school and I crawled back in...
Fever broke around 10... and I managed to get to the clinic around 1...
Clinic doctors... always look so fraking tired and ... bummed out.
She took a listen to my lungs... looked at icky phlem,
and prescribed a z-pack.
Two on day one, and four days of one.
Antibiotics to deal what ever infection I have that is struggling against me every other day. :(

Today I feel great (like I did on Tuesday).
Headed out to do a show and tell with a boss to a new client...
Then I spent the afternoon at my downtown client location.
Got great gym time in... and lemmi tell ya, tuesday and today... makes for some sore corto after so much time off and being so sick.

The big test will be to see if I feel like poop in the morning.
If I have another fever in the morning... I'll be super unhappy.
But I'm thinking I may be good to go. :)

The news this morning... talking about instituting special programs for the Ottawa police...
See... over the last few months, there's been a few video's released that show specific officers abusing people in custody.
One was this arrested-for-being-drunk chick... beaten, kicked, clothes cut off, beaten again...
Another one just hammered this dude instead of answering his question. Super bad.
So, yeah... they (news) go on about "special programs" for police to address these problems.
Just say'en... WTF?????
How about just fire the freaking cops on the videos that were breaking the law, and arrest them for assault.
Bet that would reduce the number of incidents.
But no... we have to spend a whole pile of money on special training.
Why the heck do we need a course on "How not to beat the shit out of innocent people."
Fraking waste of good money.

My friend jessy...
She borrowed the wizards hat,
And commanded the mop to mop.
Alas, water water everywhere.
Fortunately for our little apprentice,
This time it was totally Culligan's fault.
~ may the repairs be speedy. :(

I'm looking forward to letting the christmas vibe take over.
Such a nice time. :)
Oh... and it's almost kifli time!!! :D

K.... g'night. :D
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