Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 7

Ok, first day back to feeling halfway normal... or not-sick.
Flu is done I think.
worked from my office today, but it's downtown client land tomorrow.
Good gym time.
Haven't had a proper workout since before I left for cali.
Felt real good. Went back for more while I was wait'en for Grasshopper after work.
(had shwarma for dinner too. :D)
Now it's all about getting Ed to bed so we can get caught up on Dexter. !! :D

When you assume all kinds of fake powers to be yours...
And you abuse people you are able to dominate by force...
We call you things like ... The Mob... or just Punk for short.
You listening Metro Toronto Police Chief?

App Store ap (free) called "Talkatone"
You have to have a gmail account that you have used at least once to place a gmail phone call.
If you're like ... "whaaa?"... load up gmail and look down the left column... way down... THERE... the "Call Phone" thing with handset icon.
Click it.
Click "Yes I wont screw around with this..." (or what ever the disclaimer says).
Now dial your cell phone.
Cool... You have now used gmail to dial a call at least once

Now that App? Talkatone?
Uses available wifi to place VoIP calls over the google/gmail call-phone interface.
(Well, remember the disclaimer, there was something about some punk ass country somewhere making trouble, so no, not "ANY"... but darn close.)

Oh so your iPod touch 1st and 2nd gen don't have microphones...
Plug a head set with a mic on it (I used the iPhone default white ear beads on Eds 2nd Gen Touch).
And presto... a MIC!
Tested this calling my cell, calling our home phone... all good man!!

Next cool bit?
Suz has it on her touch... Ed has it on his...
Both are enabled by their gmail accounts.
So they can call each others Touchs using the same App!!!
VoIP from Touch to Touchy.

I say that it is good.
And it was so.
So good.

Knowing you, is seeing you, for who you
Really are.
This is the best you that I will
Ever know.

K... later. :)
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