Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 6

I totally caved in last night.
Brutal night of being smok'en hot. lol.
Like actual temperature heat.
I stayed home today... and besides sitting in on a "quarterly company wide con-call", I slept muchly.


See this thing?
It's the 20$ antenna I bought from
So I ran the wire out the window and tried several different positions.
I can pull down CTV, CBC, CITY-TV and SUN-TV all in pretty much perfect HD.
The stuff we tape (besides real-house-hoes-of-whatever-city and phinias and ferb) is all on those channels.
Everything else we download anyways.
I don't get GLOBAL - but I might with some fidd'eling around.
Bottom line... if I can put a simple PC in place to run a PVR, I can kiss Rogers cable good bye, and the monthly hit for the PVR box.
This adds up to at LEAST 100$ per month in savings.
I'm good with that.
Seriously... this is cool. :)

Back to work tomorrow.
Hopefully I can get to the gym.
sigh... it's been soooo long. :(

:) K, see ya.
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