Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 1

I got to have dinner with smooshiefaceinc tonight. :D
Drove into the heart of San Jose, past long long rows of Bail Bonds offices... (must be near a court house).
Shared two giant appetizers and then shared a proper plate of dinner.
"Shared" cuz ... seriously folks, you get way too much food on these plates.
I was stuffed. :)

This was yet another grand example of how easy it is to be with someone that I've come to know so well over so many years, without ever talking or meeting.
Smart and beautiful.... excellent combination. :D
(and she was pretty cool too... lol... just kidding... she's the smart and beautiful one. :D)

Today was mighty stressful.
Still cool and trippy to work at the client site.
It's a marvel of modern interior design... beautiful architecture... and so many frick'en "smart choices" in setting up an office environment.
You at work in cube land? and need to make a personal phone call? Well you can just walk over to the "phone booth"... glass enclosed small room with a big comfy chair, a small table (with a power plug) and - of course - a phone. :D

But today was the last day "on site" with the clients and we had to get 'em a "data model" for our project and submitting it to them was a bit of a panic attack worrying that they won't like it.
Turns out they liked it... (just checked my client email... :D).

I'm getting a little tired of this mini-netbook laptop thing...
It's great for shlepping around, airplanes and sofas... but I get pretty fruster-ated with the keyboard and moster frustrated when I try to do actual work-work on it.
Typing text, making and showing slide shows... no problem.
But when I need to do an actual "document"... not so much. :(

tomorrow is all about airports and airplanes.
it will be a long ass day.. and it's going to steal 3 hours from my universe.
corto-time is going to have to adjust to EST / DST again. :(

I make no apology for my reality.

k... time to pack. :)
See ya later. (sk8er)
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