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This is driving me nuts... I bought this 'surgical steel' lil'ring for my ancient ear hole... sort of woke the hole up with a silver stud and tried the ring. The little ball kinda "clicks" into place between the two ends of the bent bar... ya dig?
Ok, getting that stupid ball in is fricking annoying! Have I mentioned that it's a pain in the ass?

All right, well it gets worse, cause I didn't like that ring... to big. So I went back and got another one... a smaller one... Do you remember, back there, I was talking about how annoying the process of putting that other little ball in was? Well this one is more of a pain than the first one.

The idea is to try out this inexpensive ring for a bit and decide if I like it.. If I do, I might go for the white gold... or maybe just keep the steel...

On the other hand it may look amazingly stupid and I'll toss in the jewelry I wore once upon a time box and move along!

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