Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 30

super day...
Still super weird, but pretty cool.
Had this big dramatic important con-call, at the client campus (I just like saying "campus"), with a bunch of client stakeholders.
Made the call from a little board room on the second floor.
Most of the call participants... were in the same building, first floor and third floor... lol.
Lazy sods. :D
The con-call went great.
I now have log-in credetials and vpn access to the client network.
... and that is totally cool :D

Made a mad dash for the park after getting off work around 4:30...
Hotel, change, grab gear, check directions, car, roads... AND MASSIVE TRAFFIC (expected).
Two totally "almost" moments with danger-bay on the roads. Dude in front of me, hits the suv in front of him and I make the unconscious snap-wheel-to-right.
No problemo for moi... likely a sad day for the dude that rear-ended the other guy. :(
Total fraking waste of time...
Pitch dark by the time I get to Lake Cunningham. :(
They close a half hour after sunset.
If there's a way to bail on a half day of work tomorrow... maybe.
But realistically... the 68,000 square feet of concrete goodness is likely going to have to wait till my next trip in January.

watching the vicky-esss runway show ... yes, I dig that stuff...
but truly, half the girls really do look kinda bad 'cuz their just too skinny.
er... adriana... smoke-show. but that's really a leg comment.
But seriously... a solid hour of beautiful girls in all manner of lingerie?
Even the commercials are VS commercials.
It doesn't get much better than that.
Oh, and... they sure do take themselves seriously...

ever since I was in ... I think it was, grade 11, I've made music videos... in my head.
The skate videos... and some of the "check out the house we're building", etc...
... stuff on my Youube Channel... Those are the nominal efforts to bring the brain to life.
But the real stopper ... the reason it all stays "unexpressed imagination" is the issue about
using a whole song and not just a 29 second segment (YouTube copyright enforcement policies)
It's just so dumb ass... I mean, you'd think the music companies would dig the free advertising of the song.
But whatever.
I listen to a song... and my head starts stitching imagined video segments together.
Then... for the rest of time, whenever I hear that song... I see the imagined video in my head again.
What I need... is some deep pocket financier to decide I'm a genius and pay me to make little movies. :D
Now that would be sweet.

I will only ever know this one life.
I choose to fill it with love.
If most of it is love I give away...
That's ok.
It's still love...
and it's my life.

K... :D
See ya.

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