Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 29

Ok… today is right up with a small handful of what have to be called “the weirdest days ever”.

Going to bed at local midnight, was 3 am on corto-time – until corto-time switches over. This was my effort to avoid waking up at 4:00 AM for a 9:00 AM meeting… Didn’t work. I still woke up at 4. This is called punishment for snoozing on airplanes all day yesterday.

The hotel "court yard"...


It was just so darn cold outside – and I don’t have enough “warm” stuff to wear to really hold back the chill – but I watched as the rising sun lit up the very very misty mountains (I hopped!!).

I met new guy (new guy to me, but with the same company I work for. He’s based in our “Freemont Office” ) at the hotel, and when the “client manager” joined us (arriving from St.Louis!!), we dove over to the client “campus”. This is Silicon Valley at it’s best. I’m all fan-boy about driving by signs that read “Mountainview” or “Palo Alto” or “Sunnyvale”… it’s like a geek-mecca thing. Clients offices are huge, and right-flippen-mental with really outstanding interior design… over the top for pretty much every single office. I especially liked the glass enclosed, comfy arm chaired adorned, “chat rooms” for having a conversation with someone – without disturbing other cube-inhabitants. Even I was allowed to tell you who I’m working for and what I’m doing for them… I’d have a bitch’en time trying to explain it. The “it” changed dramatically three times from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Gah!!! (and besides the normal “I don’t think it’s a good idea to mention clients by name” thing, we’re constrained by a stack of NDA’s for everything on this gig. :D).

I did note, on the drive through Silly-Valley, that there were several large “corporate HQ” type buildings… vacant of all signs of life besides the “for Lease” sign.

I’m a bit bummed that the big-ass-awesome skatepark (Lake Cunningham) closes at dusk… which is pretty much an hour or two before I finish my work day… !!!!!!! I’m still trying to figure out some kind of plan… but I have to say the BAZZING COLD weather is slowing me down. I like skating in the cool, but skating in the downright-cold is not way up the list of good times.

Note: I’m typing this in an Outback Steak house… and consuming mass quantities. :)

I did find my way to “Great Mall” (very close to hotel), which seems a little presumptuous in the name department. Big-ass mall though… found a Christmas prezzi. :)

Next up is the coffee that waitress betty is going to bring. (I’m still battling the “it just won’t quit” being cold in Cali thing going on… hot coffee helps.)

It’s 9:00 ish now… and I’ve got at least two hours of screwing around with some documents for work to be ready for tomorrow morning. So it’ll be back to the hotel room, post this, and then get to work. Long, weird day ahead tomorrow.

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday today to Jessy...
May this new year in the life and complicated times of you... be a reward for the effort it took to get here.
You're a lovely and smart girl and a wonderful mom... forever young.

needs to find some Meres...!

if all I ever did was love you
and all you ever did was know
my heart would beat forever
and I'd never let you go

k... time work.

note: my laptop still thinks it's on EST... :)

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