Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 28

So last night was priceless... :)
Suz and I went out with the gang of friends I have from my old contract... "le gang"
(this is the gang I spend all the time at the gym with... well, mostly Jessy but ... whatever. :)
It was jessy's birthday bash.
She had herself a "dirty 30" ... oyi!

There were jello shots in the shape of peni (my version of plural penises)

(and yes... there's a pic of me gobbling one on facebook somewhere... sigh)

Black, red and orange... depending on the degree of poisoning you were going for...
We started at Moxies... had a great meal and watched the birthday girls (It was jessy and charlene's birthday)
The birthday girls... pictured here... :D

they got pretty much... hammered.
Although now that Jessy's 30, she can apparently drink to excess and be fine the next day. :)

We partied at a friends house after Moxies...
then went for drunk'en glow-in-the-dark bowling.
Much much fun was had by all. :)

My gorgeous Zee with Jessy the birthday girl. :D

Which is a nice way to spend a saturday night before taking off on a new contract.
I got up today... missing Ed's next belt-test at Karate... and began another full day of airports and airplanes.
Frigg'en flight from Phylli to San Fran was LONG!!! :(
It's 9:45 California time... but it's 12:45 in my brain. :(

The next four days will be all about busy...
And, if I can find my way to a skatepark... some fun too.

Dear California:
WTF is with the cold weather?

Dear Sheriton Hotel:
WTF is with my cold room???

I think I'm gonna take a hot shower and go to bed. :)
see ya.

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