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ruh row...

What is it with me and the last 10 cents worth of a womans back?

I mean everywhere I look these daiz I'm seeing that wee slice of flesh at the base of a girls back peek'en out under short shirts on the walking set, above the slight bend of the pant's waist on the sitting set... I mean a topless super model could be walking towards me on the right side but I'd miss her cause my eyes are magically being drawn to the lower back of a girl sitting at at a patio chair on the left. And god help me (or at least forgive me) if I can see the tell tail WWF Leta line of a thong or THE REAL KILLER... a tat!

Seems to me,
There has got to be,
An explanation y'all can see.
A brand new fetish,
Is speak'en to me.

Show me your back baby... just don't be walk'en away... :D Wind it up baby.
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