Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 23

WOW... what a freaking night last night was.
I know I signed off saying I was going to grab some advil.
So I did... take an advil.
And within fifteen minutes I was already in the dizzy, pounding brain pain of a full on migraine.
I sat there, after I clicked “post” on Mondays post and thought it through.
Three days of night time headaches...
but I had nothing in my diet to red flag...
and the weather was pretty stable... cold and shitty.

Well... today was 14 freaking degrees above zero, sunny and gorgeous (well, by mid morning).
So last night my inner freaking weather station went into freakout mode.
I popped a maxalt 10 minutes after posting last night...
And had to pop another about an hour later,
Even then, two maxalts and I was still propping myself up in bed at 10:30, total dark, silent (head above heart to avoid tremendous pounding sensation)
... and sat there, trying to hold perfectly still ... until I don’t know when.

I woke up this morning feeling wonderful. (seriously... two nights in a row, asleep before midnight... yikes!)
And today was one of those really good days. Good work, good gym, and good vibes.

I even managed to buy and install new headlamps in my car tonight.
Thank the gods-of-all-things-net that I checked a blog before I started and read a post (that I think weebsurfer also read, btw) that warned of removing a screw... everything goes to pot if you take this totally in-your-face-hey-check-me-out-come-on-remove-me-do-it!!! screw right under the rubber gromit over the light bulb. All you’re supposed to do is release this tension arm thing.

Oh, and I want to get a hair cut today.
A nice middle aged asian lady, about 4 feet tall if she had shoes on, gave me the chop.
She started with a hair washing... cool “hair place sink station” thing that moved up and down till you were comfy and lets the hairwasher stand behind you... not beside.
Got that?
Yeah, so she washes my hair,
Then spends THE NEXT TEN SOLID MINUTES massaging my head.
Oh my dear god... it was fraking priceless.
I couldn’t help making a joke... fortunately she chuckled and gave me a great chop.
corto likes head massages. !!!

So the Pope is cool with rubbers now.
While I have trouble truly internalizing how it happens, I know that there are folks a’plenty that live their lives in careful step with the guidance of their church.
I am trying to imagine the thoughts of a catholic mom, looking into the shrine of a bedroom for a son that lost his battle with aids who steadfastly refused the condom’nation because her spiritual leaders forbade it as immoral and vile... as she listens to them now say “Oh, but I mean, yeah... dig your rubbers if you’re stopping ... you know, diseases and stuff.”
I mean, YES!!! About time...
But man... how can you guys sleep at night?

Be ever mindful of how you treat your fantasies.
With proper care, they can last a good long time.
But when you expect too much from them...
Expect more than it can deliver,
You can hurt yourself... and others.
Don’t be afraid...
Just be mindful.
... and enjoy.

Choke on it
Choke on it
Choke on it...
... and die.
or, you find a place to put your pain.
So you can... not die.

:) K... time to go.
See you tomorrow.

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