Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 22

Same view... Hipster’ized.

I woke up to the radio bleeting about freezing rain... accidents, etc.
Of course, it was just raining and bleek outside by the time I drove to work.
“Work” was downtown today...

I start the day feeling pretty good... but by late afternoon, the coughing is kinda nasty.
Of course, if I wear earbeads and listen to loud music... I don't even hear the coughing.
No... seriously I would never do that.

When the coughing gets nasty, I just leave and go home.
Which is exactly what I wish other people would do, as opposed to coughing up their spleen in the cubicle next to me... mmmk?

The afternoon exit ended with a trip to Geo’s school to meet mr. history.
We’re the parents that meet with teachers every time our kid feels like he’s falling behind.
No, we’re not maniacs about it... but I don’t enjoy regrets and we wont have any about our kids education,
If we stay involved and informed.

It’s night now... and the headache returns.
Same story for the last three nights.
I need a massage.

You see winners ... who have everything.
And you see losers ... who have almost nothing.
The loser is smiling... and the winner is forgetting how.
Who are you jealous of?

Knowing you place,
Means knowing where you’re not.
Where you’ll never be.
... and I ask you,
Where’s the fun in that?

K... I gotta go find some advil. :(

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