Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 19

Today was a good day.
Best day all week... but the evil cold kinda made that a cinch.
Feeling so-so, still got the evil cough... but otherwise, not as bad as all week.
(must totally OD on getting healthy... CA is in a little over a week.)

Downtown clients ok'd me working at my office today and that was nice.
Got to do the gym with a friend... that was long overdue. :)

Bosses put a giant monitor on a co-works desk...
he promptly handed it to me, explaining it's mine till he gets back from a long term gig (till March)
lol... 24 inch wide screen fun house. It'll be fun making presentations on that. :D

Suz is out at a gf's house having a get together for a former co-work...
Geo is supposed to be at Harry Potter with buds... I wonder how packed the theater is?
Ed is more than a little keen to go... We'll prol'y go this weekend with Ed.
Meanwhile, it's friday night and Ed and I are making snacks and watching sci-fi. :D

It's hard to ever know what's real and what's make believe...
when it comes to the lives of peeps that have handed themselves over to our silver screens.
I like to believe that behind the amazing spectacle of crazy wealth, or under the glow of stardom and raging beauty,
there are real lives, not so different from my own... sharing in our mutual capacity to experience pain, regret, happiness, fear, or joy.
Then I read another article about Charlie Sheen.
LOL... no just kidding.
The thing is... when you're a brand, everything is business.
Or maybe... just maybe, that could be slowly becoming... old.
Old as in, "the old rules don't apply, stop using them as excuses".
Wouldn't it be cool if micro-blogging, instant comms and omni-present interfaces could peel the person out from behind the brand.
Or would that peeled off person, just be another form of the brand... packaged for the new generation of communicators.

I have two boys... 12 and 15... both still put up with parental pda's... directed at them, let alone do the whole hug thing.
I consider this one of many measures of our success in bringing up baby... :D

I think I'mma going to go watch another Stargate Universe with Ed. :)
(oh, and we made choco chip cookies a little while ago... They were yum)


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