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Wednesday, November 17

Well today's another day.
I felt well enough to get it going this morning...
sorta "Over the hump" I think... I hope.
I put a morning in at work and went to the gym...
Went to starbucks to grab some group java and got yet another blessing from the coffee gods...
I was all "passion tea lemonade, hazelnut latte" multiple coffees... and she charges me a pittance on my bucks card. :D
Felt pretty good after the gym, but a bit super-heated.
Never-the-less, I got a speedy visit in at my old office, got several hugs, and left feeling ten times better than when I arrived.
Next up... Hospital.

Today was my follow-up appointment for the sleep test stuff.
Saw the sleep doc - a new provincial medical coverage requirement prior to the next sleep test (with the c-pap on my face).
Dude explained that my chart for the first test only had me stopping breathing once an hour... "only"...
Said this was within the boundaries of "normal". However there were several other issues (actual blood oxygen content, etc.)
That all added up to "lets have test two with the c-pap".
So now I wait for that to get scheduled at sometime in the (hopefully) not to distant future.

That all ended and I made it home early 'nuf to take it easy and be sure I wasn't totally overdoing it today.
I think it's all good.
I expect to be in downtown-client land tomorrow.

Oh... and Suz's car... not even looked at today. :(

If a community center is built and run by a specific religious group... is it still a community center?

Geo is at his computer, with two friends up in cam skype windows.
There's a social thing of course, but the reason they're on is to do homework together.
I monitored this for a while and I was ready to be all "no" about it... I am pleasantly surprised at the facility they're making of the geek.
Yup... they're socializing, but they're actually achieving the "study group" thing.
... and then I think back to what tech was like when I was in grade 10.

Absolutely priceless song.
Find it... give'er a listen.

K... see ya. :)

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