Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 16

Yeah... still sick. :(
Spent another day in bed.
(well, doped up and ensconced in a blanket on a sofa watching a marathon of stargate episodes)

Broke out of that stupor long enough to do a con-call for a new contract in San Jose - starts in a couple of weeks.
I've never been there... been to San Fran and down into the valley, but never as far as San Jose. :)
Google Lake Cunningham Skate Park... :D

Now I just need to get healthy! (and finish my current contract)

It's not complicated
If you love someone,
Let them know
By deed if not word
But by both if you're half the friend you think you are.

Suzanne's car got sick today.
We had to drive it to the mech's and leave it.
I foresee a sad unexpected expense that will be most unwelcome. :(
~ bummer.

Ok... time to rest again.
See ya. :)
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