Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 15

~ spent the day in bed.
Well... I got up and drove to my office (10 minutes away) to get tech support on why web-mail suddenly hated me.
But otherwise, spent the day in bed...
Well... I got up to make dinner... easy dinner... baked potatoes, meatballs and cauli.
But otherwise, I spent the day in bed... or at least lying on the sofa... watching stargate... but lying down while I did it...

Tea. I got up to make a tea a few times...
But mostly... stayed in bed ... or the sofa.

K... swallowing didn't get worse, but the whole deal has moved up into my head.
Stuffy and headachy... :(

But I have faith... Faith in my ability to fight anything... :)

I get very down when I get sick.
Just... seeing things negatively, or worrying.
~ clearly I need to get better. :)
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