Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 12

Today was a good day. :)
work was excellent... going to be starting another new contract in two weeks...
in San Jose!!! :D
(google Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park)

And - although I get the feeling it's lame to think this is all great, but seriously... "lame" never really bothered me...
See, I reached my bench goal today.
When the doc said I could start working that rotator cuff muscle again, I was barely able to press 90.
As of today I can press my own weight (for two sets of five reps).
I'll be keeping that up till it's 10 reps,
Then working on a new goal. :D
(There was nobody to high five when I did it... so I pathetically h5'd thin air. :)

10% of india's population is desperately poor... "poor" at a level that is beyond imagining for the average westerner.
Yet they held the most expensive "commonwealth games" in history.
They're national and territorial governments are some of the most corrupt in the known universe.
And Canada is all excited about establishing a free trade alliance with India.
There will be trouble. :(
When you make deals with corrupt self-absorbed-idiots,
Who do not value human life and human dignity in a way that even marginally compares to Canadian values,
There will be trouble. :(

... peace.

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