Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 11

This is a bit of landscaping in the yard beside our companies DC offices...
Gorgeous place.

Great day... but that's because I pretty much slept till 10.
Spent only a few moments at work,
But my day melted away the stress that built up over the last couple. :D

However, tonight? I'm feel'en a little bit of a sore throat coming on!!! :(
It's going to be juice city and getting to bed early!

Oh... and it's looking a lot like I'm getting a client in San Jose, CA. :)

11-11-11 11:11
Remembrance Day
A day set aside to remember the contributions made by Canadian armed forces personnel.
It is a day shrouded by somber reflection, doleful trumpets, and grave side flowers.
Because we know that those whom have passed on do not observe from on-high in some cloudy gallery,
We can conclude that we do not observe this day, in this way, for the spirits of the dead.
We do it to bum ourselves out.
We even gave it a slogan... "Lest we forget"
Meanwhile the government is doing everything it can to circle back on their promise to bring all of our troops home from Afghanistan.
Seems they forgot.

so tired.


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