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So it's back to the salt mines for my American buds! I hope you all enjoy a nice short week.

~ new snug gray boxers
~ it's a swish swish day... wearing my noisy cargos...
~ corporate logo white golf shirt with a maroon t under it.
~ shhhh to actually look at the offers of some other employers... I'm getting worried about the longevity of our organizations commitment to my team.
~ to spend half the day writing documents for my current employer...
~ that my friend Jessa could wave a magic wand and have her falcon boiappear on her doorstep - my hopes remain with you Jes.
~ that I was crazy rich and could take the family on a massive tour to visit all the places that my Lj buddies live and take all of them out for dinner... one city at a time... What a cool way to see the country (let alone the world) that would be.

So, has anybody else noticed what a complete nut ball that stephy_banana is? (and don't call her stephy btw, steph or stephany will do fine) She's working on a new web site - you'll have to troll her journal for a link, but she - and the site - looks just beautiful...

Well, since I got on the buss out in Kanata (the "burb" I live in) it's started raining pretty good... I'm glad I wore the swish swish pants... they dry in like 3 minutes.

Hmm.. I really need to read up on my pal Lesslyn today.

Later skaters

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