Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 9

Exceptionally good day. :)
Took it a bit easy on the get-up-and-go...
(other than getting the boys off to school...)
Then it was a good morning of work, putting things together for the trip.
Great work out at lunch. !!
then it was all about getting sorted for the trip.
A short afternoon at the office, and home to pack.
Off to staples to pick up 400$+ worth of colour photocoping...
Pick up co-worker and off to Airport.

Got randomly selected at the airport for a "sniffer test".
This found that I had come in contact with something the little maching-that-goes-ping did not like!!!
Playing directly into my fear of all things Airport*
I was given the total security check! Searched me... no probing (thank the goddess) and a thorough search of my bag...
And finally... allowed to go sit and wait for a half empty plane ride to Dulles airport.
Note: cool beans with all the new stuff they finished at Dulles airport (new train system, etc.)

Airport Hotel (Hyatt) and a pool that was only open till 10:00... so I did some laps and soaked it up in a hot tub. :)
Now it's all about ironing a shirt and getting a bunch of work done ... stuff sent to me at the last minute by the bosses for tomorrow. :(

* I worry about the idea that any peon working in an airport can totally ruin my life - seeing as so much of my life is related to air travel...

See you tomorrow. :)

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