Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 8

no downtown clients at all this week. :)
So my office today, with a good ab work out at lunch.
Leaving tomorrow night for DC to spend Wednesday talking and pointing at powerpoint slides.
Sounds fun, right?
Then I fly home again on Wednesday night.
la la la...
Soooooo... spending today and tomorrow working on...
Powerpoint slides. :)

And, for the record, ... it's frick'en cold out!

So, on Saturday night... I made that big fattush (fatush?) salad.
'cept I couldn't get "sumac powder".
The recipe said go for it anyways, even without the sumac.
It was great (btw) ... but not quite right. :)
Today, I went to the schwarma place beside the gym...
And I told dude about the big salad and asked him about sumac powder.
I think I bring out some good vibes with people,
Cuz dude had me in his kitchen in seconds...
And he loaded a foam salad case with a big ass scoop of sumac powder...
And then another big scoop of what he called lebanese oregano.
"Now you are set!"
~ oh yeah. :D
Seriously, I've got enough of this for a year...
Needless to say, I made another salad tonight at dinner.
... and it was awesome. :)

Once again despondent over a let-down by the television gods.
I've been busily dl'ing and watching Caprica...
And now I see that it's all canceled.
I wish they would right a book, or something...
Something to finish explaining the web they've been weaving. :)

K... see ya soon. :)
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