Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 4

Well today was a totally piss pour day weather wise...
Busy ass crazy day work wise...
And totally excellent ... friends wise. :)

Downtown in the morning...
... con-call from the clients site (have to sign out for that)
Couple of meetings...
Then zoom back to my neck of the woods for Pho lunch with la gang.
This was the super great part of the day... It's such a good feeling... just being with those guys.
I'm pretty sure I'm the official-predictable-hug-guy... :)
Had a bit of a Pho-Coma for a while in the afternoon back at my desk... then zoom downtown again... sigh.
... on the evil traffic commute home, Suz and I got sorted on her driving Ed to Karate (then she was going to the gym for a pump class)
... and me picking him up. So I went to the gym too and just did a total stretching and ab extravaganza while I killed time before picking up grasshopper.
As I head to the car I struggle for a second about whether I should buy an espresso at 'bucks... (felt like a bit much after buying a lunch today)
I decide I deserve it... So I went in, said "hey" to the baristas... got a big "hey andy" back and a free dopio long. :D :D :D
(new guy was taking my order... other girl was walking back and forth behind serving the drive through window and whispering to cash dude "don't charge 'em... don't charge 'em".)

More Dexter tonight... :D

Encyclopedia Corto'pia
New Galactic Edition
"Dia" (dee-ah)
noun - the impersonal, unpersonalized, data layer of what has previously been referred to as "media".

Youtube is a vast store of video files. It is not organized or sorted for my values or interests. It is a "dia" of videos.
However, I never go to "youtube" unless I'm updating my own channel.
All the "youtube" content I consume is via my social network... so as I scroll LJ pages or FB pages... I see linked or embedded youtube content.
Because the content is showing up in a space that has been customized by me... and for me... there's a pretty good chance I'm going to (at the very least) grok the videos.
Now it's "media".... now it's "me-dia"... the "dia" has been parsed to suit my interests or values, as I have defined those things in the way I structure my online environment.
Used in a sentence: "I find the dia at youtube off-putting." or "I use social networking to sort the me-dia from the dia."

You should check this out...
[ :: Arcade Fire builds an Interactive Video for a song ...about the house YOU grew up in :: ]
(It's a very google'ish thing and wants you to use Chrome for the full affect!)

Have a great night.
see you soon.

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