Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, November 3

Yeah, despite my client not showing up for a meeting that I got up, commuted downtown and rushed around like mad for...
today was still outstanding. :D
First thing that happened was running into Deb.
(deb, highschool super-girl that I've managed to stay connected to for... 35 years... who is now mrs. awesome lawyer girl...)
So we had another lunch... exact same lunch, same restaurant... and lovely conversation. :)
Oh, and I managed to go to the downtown gym before lunch. :D
So, yeah... great day.

I'm sorry, but I dare you!
No... I defy you!!
I defy you to come up with a one hour episode of an episodic television show that is scarier than the Weeping Angels episode of Dr. Who.
I'll never forget Ed hiding behind the couch when we watched it the first time.
And yes... it's on right now on Space.
I'm going to get a shirt with "The Angels Have The Phone Box" on it. :D

Have you ever told someone you loved them?
I mean, yeah, sure... your mom counts, but there's those that don't even do that.
And yes, I'm kinda talking about a more random someone.
And NO, I don't mean an insincere "I love you..."
There is just no end of good that can come to you.
Stay strong, live well and love recklessly.
You will never be sorry.

K... see ya.

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