Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 2

Having a great day...
... is like injecting serotonin directly into the center of your brain.
A great work out at lunch is a big part of that. :)

So america went back to the polls today.
Based on all the news we're getting up here in the frozen north,
It sounds a lot like the voters are totally pissed off that after two years,
O'Blamma hasn't stopped all the wars, reversed global warming, saved the planet, and put a chicken in every kitchen,
Let alone reversed the ill effects of eight years under Dubb-ya.
Honestly people... you're gonna get what you pay for.

See... it's the music.
I cannot watch the beginning of Hawaii Five-Oh and not get a slightly euphoric feeling when the music kicks in.
The show is ok... but just "ok"
I mean, today, when the episode got going and McGarret started doing his thing... some testosterone squirted out of the TV.
That's messy stuff yo.

I'm so happy to see news items about the report that's pointing out just how many concussions are happening to young hockey players.
I'm sorry, but it is a sad sad pathetic thing to see how parents, players, coaches and joe-six-pack defends the violence in Junior hockey.
Like it or not... you can actually play an exciting game of hockey without exercising goon hockey.
Just look at the awesome awesome awesome games played by the Canadian womens team in the Olympics.
There is something seriously wrong with you hockey violence defenders.

K... time for bed. :) yes... ok, time to watch Weeds... then bed. :D

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