Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hey Lj Birthday Babies... (a little late...)

But at least not "never"...

Happy Birthday Cristina

I hope this whole 21 year old thing works out for you... and if it doesn't, well try to stick with it for a least a year... that way if you hate it you can ditch it at 22. :D

Now as you mentioned... booze is legal for 21 year olds... so just be carefull!!! No operating Space Mountain while under the influence of all-kinds-of-booze. Only operate gigantic amusement park rides while under the influence of a single type of booze. hahaha...

No really, Cris (kurisuchina), have a great year and I hope your friends and family make this birthday memorable by feeding your senses... all of them...

Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you... Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear cristina, Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you.

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